Annual Ern Salter Award -Dec 2013

Best In Show:

Susan O’Brien, Long Hot Days (Acrylic)Susan O'Brien -Long Hot Days


1st  Judy Henshaw:   Tall Timbers – Woori-YallockJudy Henshaw- Tall Timbers -Woori_Yallock

 2nd  Bette Franke:            Fringed Chrysanthemums

 3rd  Olinka Baykara        Wattle Still Life


1st  Sue Hanson:            Mountain TopsSue Hanson- Mountain Tops

 2nd  John Everard            Melbourne Icons

 3rd  Barbara Jamrich:        Blue and Gold


1st  Valerie Minter:            Peaceful Valerie Minter - Peaceful

 2nd Bianca Pagnoccolo:    Tamarillos

3rd  Val Porteous:           Old Healesville Road


 1st Susan O’Brien:            Rice Fields Susan O'Brien- Rice Fields

 2nd  John Everard:                Historic Maldon

 3rd  Bette Franke:                Koala Tree Home


1st  Sylvia Isaac:                Fireman  Sylvia Isaac- Fireman

 2nd Leigh Curzon                The Artist

 3rd  Serge Daeffler                The Entertainers

Other Media

 1st  Susan O’Brien:            Late Night Hours Susan O'Brien- Late Night Hours

 2nd  Val Porteous:                Stilt Houses on the Mekong

 3rd  Carol K Gardener:        Grasses


9 x 5

 1st  Bianco Pagnoccolo:    Market  Bianca Pagnoccolo -Market

 2nd  Patti Hall:                    A Glimpse of Aireys Inlet

 3rd  Val Porteous:                Landscape at Research

4 x 4

 1st  Patti Hall:                    Me’n Nan  Patti Hall - Me'n Nan

2nd  Carol Mietus:               Three Trees

 3rd  Barbara Jamrich:           Summer Breeze

Annual Ern Salter Award -Dec 2012

Best in Show was won by Faye Anderson for her Oil paintingFeed Time in Barmah - Faye Anderson
Feed Time in Barmah – Faye Anderson

BEST OIL painting was won by Carol James

Carol James -best Oil-'Nasturtiums'

Second -Olinka Baykaya -’High Country’

Third – Phyll Davidson -’Cornish Mining Town’

Highly Commended – Judy Henshaw – ‘Droving at Dargo’

BEST WATERCOLOUR was won by Olinka Baykara

You Don't Say-Olinka Baykara
‘You Don’t Say’

Second -Val Porteous ‘After the Rain’

Third -Carol Mietus -’I Spy a Butterfly’

Highly Commended -Elizabeth Simkin -’Along the Shoreline’

BEST ACRYLIC was won by Val Porteous

Vines of the Valley- Val Porteous
‘Vines of the Valley’

Second -Karina Kappadais -’Native Traditional Dancer’

Third -Susan O’Brien – ‘Apollo Bay’

Highly Commended – John Everard -’The Good Vine’

BEST PASTEL was won by Joan Burton -’Blue Waters’

Highly Commended -Brenda Colautti- ‘Quiet Time’

BEST PORTRAITURE was won by Sylvia Isaac

Sam-Sylvia Isaac- Portraiture

Second -Faye Anderson -’Lady in Red’

Third -Gwen Pearce -’Max’

Highly Commended -Serge Daeffler -’Loyus Aikman’

BEST 9 x 5 was won by Susan O’Brien

High & Dry- Susan O'Brien 9X5
‘High and Dry’

Second -Serge Daeffler -’Morning Walk’

Third -Belinda Willoughby -’Sun-Sand-Surf’

Highly Commended -Anice Van Os -’Pre Loved Merijig’

BEST MIXED MEDIA was won by Patti Hall

My Lucky Day- Patti Hall- Mixed Media
‘My Lucky Day’

Second -Marina Wills -’City Life’

Third -Sylvia Isaacs -’Conte Drawing’

Highly Commended – Elizabeth Simkin -’Still Life’

BEST MINIATURE was won by Carol James for ‘A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine’

Second -Marina Wills -’Hay Stack’

Third -Susan O’Brien -’Airey’s Inlet’

Highly Commended -Sue Hanson-’Copenhagen’



The next ART SHOW for Heidelberg Artists Society will be held at Stockland-The Pines Shopping Centre,181 Reynolds Rd, Doncaster East, from Mon.8th September to Sat.13th September 2014.

Come along and see the quality of work for good prices, and talk to a member.