Welcome to Heidelberg Artists Society


The Heidelberg Artists Society was founded in 1964 as a not for profit organization. It has a varied program of activities on offer to promote members interests and skills in painting, drawing and associated fine arts.

HAS cultivates a social spirit among members and friends and between other artists and societies of artists.

HAS supports community efforts to re-establish the rich heritage and traditions of the  “Heidelberg School of Painters”


A varied selection of Art books and DVD’s available for loan

Assistance with painting is given by experienced artists within the Society.

New ideas are explored in painting and drawing

Bi-monthly Newsletter

Discounts from Art Suppliers

Opportunity to make new friends

Members work can be displayed on our website

Opportunity to sell small and medium sized art works at our Shows

Current Agenda

Our date to recommence after shutting down for the Covid virus is 1pm Saturday April 10th, in the IDV centre at Macleod. We will being showing work done over the lockdown.

Sat April 18th   1pm   Own Painting in main hall

Sat April 25th. 10 am  Portrait Painting

                          1pm  Progressive painting or own painting.

Sat May 2nd    1pm  HALL NOT AVAILABLE

Sat May 9th     1pm  Life Drawing or own painting in room 5

Sat May 16th    1pm Copy an Old Master

Sat May 23rd    1pm  Painting on a black background

Sat May 30th   10am  Portrait Painting

                         1pm  Demonstration (to be confirmed)



  • Portrait painting
  • Life Drawing
  • Demonstrations by leading artists in all mediums
  • Appraisal and encouragement days
  • Annual 4-5 day paintaway
  • Field excursions and paintouts
  • Workshops
  • Picnics and visits to Galleries
  • Special social functions
  • Annual art award in all mediums with guest artist judge



Saturdays 1.00 pm to approx.4 pm at

IDV Centre

88 McNamara St. MACLEOD, VIC.

MEL 20 A8 

(adjacent to YMCA & Macleod Railway Station)


Mail : PO Box 633, ROSANNA, VIC. 3084

Email : mail@has.org.au 

Website : www.has.org.au 

President : Carol James

Secretary : Uma Smiley

Annual Ern Salter Award 2016

Best in Show –  Sarah Lo.          

Sara Lo -Rhythms of Life -best in Show  Rhythms of Life

Oils –   Carol James

Carol James -Enamel Ware -best oil  Enamel Ware

Acrylic  –  Sylvia Isaac

Sylvia Isaac -Lawrence's Tropical Garden -best Acrylic  Lawrence’s tropical gardens


Watercolours  –  Sylvia Isaac

Sylvia Isaac -Peonies -best watercolour  Peonies

Pastel  –  Bette Franke

Bette Franke -Dingo -best pastel  Dingo

Portraiture  –  Sylvia Isaac.

Sylvia Isaac -Kathy -best portraiture  Kathy

Other Media  –  Grahame Macintosh

Grahame Macintosh _Sante Croce Florence- best Other Media  Santa Croce – Florence

9 X 5  –  Faye Anderson

Faye Anderson -Summer Picnic -best 9 X 5  Summer Picnic

Miniature  – Julie Cunningham

Julie Cunningham -Night Owl- best miniature  Night Owl

Annual Ern Salter Award -Dec 2014

Best in Show Sylvia Isaac -The Lovely Anice

Portrait 1 & Best in Show -Syvia Isaac -The Lovely Anice

Oil 1stSyvia Isaac– Karen’s Garden

Oil 1 Syvia Isaac- Karen's Garden

Oil 2nd John Everard-Melbourne’s Jewels             OIl 3rd Carol James- Bread to Wine

Oil 2 John Everard-Melbourne's Jewels      OIl 3 Carol James- Bread to Wine

Acrylic 1st  Barbara Jamrich – Beautiful Summer Day

Acrylic 1 Barbara Jamrich - Beautiful Summer Day

Acrylic 2nd Carol Mietus -My Favourite Room    Acrylic 3rd Ilma Bell- ‘Soul’ under glass


Acrylic 2 Carol Mietus -My Favourite Room    Acrylic 3 Ilma Bell- 'Soul' under glass


Watercolour 1st Sue Hanson -Banana

Watercolour 1 Sue Hanson -Banana

Watercolour 2nd John Everard – Beechworth Colours

Watercolour 3rd Gail Marshall -A Mother’s Love

Watercolour 2 John Everard - Beechworth ColoursWatercolour 3 Gail Marshall -A Mother's Love

Pastel 1st Doreen Burley -Happiness Is !

Pastel 1 Doreen Burley -Happiness Is !

Pastel 2nd Brenda Colautti- Wombat Bend Templestowe

Pastel 3rd Joyce Ware-For the Chamionship

Pastel 2 Brenda Colautti- Wombat Bend Templestowe   Pastel 3 Joyce Ware-For the Chamionship

Other Media 1st Julie Cunningham -Anstruther, Scotland

Other Media 1 Julie Cunningham -Anstruther, Scotland

Other Media 2nd Patti Hall – Happiness Is       Other Media 3rd Carol Mietus -Time to Chat

Other Media 2 Patti Hall - Happiness Is  Other Media 3 Carol Mietus -Time to Chat

Portrait 1st & Best in Show -Syvia Isaac -The Lovely Anice

Portrait 1 & Best in Show -Syvia Isaac -The Lovely Anice

Portrait 2 Brenda Coulautti – Portrait of Max          Portrait 3 Barbara Jamrich – Alex

Portrait 2 Brenda Coulautti - Portrait of Max   Portrait 3 Barbara Jamrich - Alex

Trad 9X5 1st- Serge Daeffler -River Gum

Trad 9X5 ist- Serge Daeffler -River Gum

Trad 9X5 2nd-Carol James-Hawdon St,Heidelberg

Trad 9X5 3rd -Marina Wills-Who Said Mr McGregor

Trad 9X5 2nd-Carol James-Hawdon St,Heidelberg        Trad 9X5 -Marina Wills-Who Said Mr McGregor

Miniature 1st Carol Mietus – The Dairy

Miniature 1 Carol Mietus - The Dairy

Miniature 2nd Julie Cunningham -Remember the Brave

Miniature 3rd Olinka Baykara – Venice

Miniature 2 Julie Cunningham -Remember the Brave    Miniature 3 Olinka Baykara - Venice