About Us

The Heidelberg Artists Society was founded in 1964 as a not for profit organization. It has a varied program of activities on offer to promote members interests and skills in painting, drawing and associated fine arts.

HAS cultivates a social spirit among members and friends and between other artists and societies of artists.

 HAS supports community efforts to re-establish the rich heritage and traditions of the  “Heidelberg School of Painters”

Brief Early History

In 1962 the founder of the Heidelberg District Artists Society Inc., Iris Philippi, returned to Melbourne after living in Sale for some years where she had actively participated in an art group.  Her desire was to meet and make friends with people in the Heidelberg area interested in painting and this led her to place a small advertisement in the “Heidelberger”  during 1964 which ran for two weeks:

                             “Artists – are you interested in forming a local painting group, beginners welcome, no charges, ring 45-0878”.

The advertisement brought surprising and unexpected responses.

The first meeting of the art group was held at the home of Mrs Philippi in Heidelberg on the Saturday afternoon following the advertisement.  About twelve hopefuls arrived, among them Dorothy Pedley, Ian Walkley, Bert Palette, Mrs Law, Miss Hooper (from Sale), a young Indian doctor from the Austin Hospital (doing a 12 month course of training), Ern Salter and other art enthusiasts.

They met at the home of Iris, then home of Ern Salter, and over the years at various halls in the district.

In 1971 a constitution was written up and later the Society became incorporated. At the height of its popularity, the Society has had over 100 keen members.