Current Agenda



Sat May 8th     1pm  Life Drawing or own painting in room 5

Sat May 15th    1pm Copy an Old Master

Sat May 22nd    1pm  Painting on a black background

Sat May 29th   10am  Portrait Painting

                          1pm  Own painting in hall


Sat June 5th    1pm   Drawing each other

Sat June 10th   1pm  Costume Drawing or Room 5 for own painting



  • Portrait painting
  • Life Drawing
  • Demonstrations by leading artists in all mediums
  • Appraisal and encouragement days
  • Annual 4-5 day paintaway
  • Field excursions and paintouts
  • Workshops
  • Picnics and visits to Galleries
  • Special social functions
  • Annual art award in all mediums with guest artist judge