General Membership Information

The Society was registered with the appropriate body as the Heidelberg Artists Society Incorporated (HAS Inc) in July 2000. A copy of the Constitution and the Rules of the Society are provided to all new members on payment of membership and to other members on request. The Society also produces a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to all members.

Members are invited to discuss Society matters with committee members. General Business (especially motions) raised by non-committee members shall be submitted in writing to the committee 14 days before a general meeting or AGM. Motions raised within the committee for ratification by members shall be placed on the noticeboard 14 days before a general meeting or AGM. All members are entitled to nominate for office (subject to the constitution) and to speak and vote at general meetings. It is expected that all members will, at some time, serve on the committee or in another designated capacity, so that the work load is shared.

To promote a friendly and supportive society, members are requested to always act in a considerate and responsible manner towards their fellow members.

Regular attendance and active participation is encouraged to assist your Society in achieving its objectives. It is expected that all non-committee members will be placed on a roster for afternoon tea duties.

Membership Fees
Annual subscriptions are due on 1st February and payable by 28th February. New members joining in the last three months of the calendar year shall be entitled to full membership for the following year, but may not be entitled to enter the HAS awards for the months of October to December on payment of membership.

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Entrance Fee
An entrance fee is payable by new members to cover the cost of badges and copies of the Constitution, general information and the latest newsletter with syllabus of the Society.

Safety and Well-Being of Members
Members are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their property at HAS Inc functions and meetings. Irrespective of any advice or direction given by an office-bearer or another member, members should make their own judgement if they consider such advice or direction detrimental to their health or safety.

HAS Inc Library
Books and videos are available on loan to members; books for three weeks and videos for two weeks. Items may be re-issued, provided a reservation has not been made with the librarian.

All exhibitors for the awards and exhibitions must be financial members.